How can I market my music with no money?

Upload your music–Sounds easy enough, but some musicians still have a commonly ignored and disregarded concept.

If you don’t upload your music because you don’t know how, find someone to do it. This isn’t complicated and it isn’t costly.

Most places allow you to market music with no money and use your software. You will upload your music if you can use a computer. Turn on! Get on it! Get on it!

Create a website with photos, songs, videos, profiles, etc.-Again, it doesn’t have to be hard and you probably already know someone who can create a website.

It doesn’t have to be amazing, it’s just your online presence. See the websites of your favorite artists for suggestions. Complete it with your pictures and give you and your band some detail.

market music without money

Let people know who you are and mention all the gigs and shows you have performed! Build a free blog that you can update and keep people updated every day.

You can also create an e-mail list of fans so that you can let them know about concerts, launches or something new… at once!

Get into forums, blogs and other websites and spread your word and band! Visit music-related sites and start to get interested. Please write on these forums and blogs to remind people who you are.

Make sure you make remarks that add to the discussion, and not just to advertise or to get started. Ask fans, friends and family to do the same thing. The more people talk to you out there, the better.

Other ways to market music without money

Download your best songs and release them online! A clear idea, but often you see musicians and must wonder how much they thought about it.

Make sure it is the best material if you upload the music to a social networking platform or your own platform. I don’t think I could go over how critical I am to make first impressions?

Link your websites and downloads back to your websites. You need to promote song with no money through other websites, forums and comments. Please make sure you put a link in the context of your post to your website, to your video etc.