Twitter or Instagram

Is Twitter or Instagram better for advertising a song?

There was plenty of chatter around Instagram a few months ago hitting 300 million active monthly users. Most of the media focused on the contrast between Instagram and Twitter and the fact that the Instagram user base far exceeds Twitter.

It was an immense thing for Instagram, which saw huge growth in a short time. Suddenly it was like a strange social media war between Twitter and Instagram for advertising a song.

However, when we address monthly users as the quantifying feature of any social media platform, we skip addressing points that mean much more for the brands and consumers on the sites in the long run.

advertising a song

So, let’s place active monthly users on Instagram for a while and think about Twitter vs Instagram for song advertising is what they really are: very different.

Twitter is the internet cocktail party; Twitter is where you go when stuff happens worldwide. We do not run to Instagram to get the pictures when there’s an awful global crisis and news breaks, we ran to Twitter for tweets breaking and live news updates.

This publicity is all about IG. It knows how to manage it. That’s where it really succeeds. It’s so different from the Twitter fire pants, people really consume Instagram content, and don’t just leave it in the background of their phone and then check it in some days.

Therefore, Instagram obviously goes in the right direction from a strictly careful study. And care is what you want when you sell a product or brand, right?

In addition to profits, you must be diligent to succeed in company. It is difficult to catch and retain this interest with so many different social networks and channels available for users.