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What is the difference between a program manager and a product manager?

Product managers

Brand managers identify strategic business priorities leading to different projects. They are responsible for the entire thing, from concept to production.

Brand managers must assess their customer needs and collaborate with different company teams to create a solution that meets these needs.

What is the difference between a program manager and a product manager?

Product managers are responsible for the product life cycle, from the criteria selection and goal setting up and the design strategy to actual sales of the design.

They have a marketing plan, their plans, their features, their launches and even their profit and loss. The Brand Manager must ensure that the value of his products is greater than the competition so that he can create a sustainable competitive advantage.

It must also ensure that marketing activities are in line with the mission and goals of the organization.

The design manager sets the vision for the design to be developed, collects and prioritizes the specifications, and the project manager takes this vision and ensures that it is delivered on schedule and on budget. Additional positions, in fact, but at the same time distinct.

Project Manager

A project manager is in charge of a project and develops the project schedule, assigns tasks, tracks progress and problems and reports them to stakeholders. To complete the project on time, he needs to manage time, budget and resources effectively.

The project manager will focus more on the organizational aspects of the project he oversees. Project Managers are usually people who have advanced over time to a management role after acquiring significant experience as an individual contributor.

Project Management involves risk management, management of resources and management of the scope. Project managers must handle and minimize all risks in the project. You must also ensure that the team has all it wants, be it money or infrastructure.

product managerThe toughest thing is to handle the project’s scale. Project management is about time, costs and efficiency and the inevitable compromises which must be made in order to continue the project.

You should know about technical program manager vs product manager.

After a brief review of their roles and responsibilities, we will note that product managers are concerned with technical problems and are therefore externally focused.

In the meantime, project managers are handling more practical problems and operating internally.


After all, product managers and project managers are able to put aside uncertainty and contrasting skills. They complement each other and ensure a company’s long-term success. Treat them properly and they’re going to take care of your company.