How can I post a promotional photo on Instagram without it ruining the quality?

Instagram has been today’s go – to picture destination. If it’s food, travel, lifestyle or just basic daily life, influence from several different categories rely on the app to create relationships with their crowds–so what makes the winners really stand out?

What is the secret to post a promotional photo on Instagram without it ruining the quality, improving your interaction and being an Instagram influence?

The answer? Good images

It won’t be a difficult task to create a perfect picture for Instagram as long as you know some important photography tips. Before and after you take a photo-from lighting to composition to editing, we will explain some of the easiest tips to post high quality promotional picture on Instagram.


Hands down, lighting is the first thing a picture will do or break. Dark, blurry and grainy images typically look bad on Instagram, but a natural light-captured image stands out–and helps to improve your Instagram presence.


The use of HDR images is another choice. These pictures are a combination of underexposed and blurred pictures and photos of regular exposure. If taken properly, they can make the sky look beautiful–and do you know that most telephones now have an HDR mode which is simple to use?


Consider about the structure of your picture frame before taking a video. The same objects or subjects may be captured or placed differently in the picture from various angles. This is the image’s structure that can differentiate this–or not.

Art. Style

Especially Instagram profiles look fantastic if they have a color scheme or cohesive theme.

Seek inspiration from other photographers to find a color scheme that fits you and the types of images that you have taken. An excellent way to think about style is in color-be cold, warm, or neutral, tones to highlight your images.

If you are a selfish nature photographer, depending on your images, you can use a warm or cold scheme.

post promotional photo

Post manufacturing

For photography, about half of the work is carried out after you take a picture-post-production is incredibly necessary so you can change any part of the picture that you are not satisfied with before publishing.

Here, too, imagination will play an important role. In post-production, highlights, shadows, contrast, lighting, and more can be modified.

Instagram itself provides you with various editing options before uploading your photos. You can manually adjust all the above listed parameters or you can use the built-in filters of Instagram.

Such filters can be added with a button click and give your images a completely different look.