How to put ads on YouTube videos without AdSense?

Many people who are talking about starting a YouTube channel are wondering how much you will get paid for YouTube views or how much money you will get if you have 3000 views of a video.

These questions are not replied. You are paying by cash advertisers to screen their advertisements on your videos.

Then only if the audience stares at the ad for at least 30 seconds. So how to put ads on YouTube videos without AdSense. If you don’t watch ads pop up on your video or use AdBlock, you won’t see any money.

It depends on your niche, since you only get paid for advertising on your videos and viewers, it means that you need advertising on your posts. How many advertisements can appear depends on the niche in which you are.


A company selling phones won’t pay for advertisements on your animal feed videos as your audience isn’t important to the business. And if you’re in a market where corporations don’t pay for ads, you’re not going to succeed.

Links to affiliate

The best way to make ads on YouTube videos with no AdSense is to become an affiliate. Getting money from membership ties ensures that in your videos you promote those items and allow your viewers to purchase the product.

In the video summary, you will have a connection to the product which is a special URL linked to your account. Whenever anyone buys from a connection, you earn a commission from that transaction.

put ads on YouTubeSponsorships for YouTube

YouTube without Adsense can also be monetized through sponsorship. This is how many YouTubers earn money or other fun gratuities. Sponsored by a brand means you are paying in your videos to promote the brand.

Offer eBooks

The online selling of e-books is an ideal way to make money. People enjoy digital books because any computer is easy to navigate. Writing books and promoting them through a YouTube channel is an excellent way to get out.